Partial Excerpt-Chapter 1 Sacrifice

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I am the youngest of two children who was born and raised in a small community in South Mississippi. My sister Robin was nearly six years older than me. I had a good childhood. Our family was not wealthy, not even middle class. We had issues and concerns as most families. My parents both worked […]

About the Book

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Have you every asked God why me….? Christian often share of the goodness of God, his grace, his mercy, his sacrifice and his unconditional love. When they share of the trials and tribulations they experience as they seek the kingdom of God, they share as if their faith and belief in God were unwavering. Often […]

Who Am I

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Have you ever felt lost, hopeless, depressed, angry, or grief stricken? Do you know that you can be paralyzed by your emotions? Our emotions are what drive us in one direction or another. They affect our state of mind. In 1998, my life changed I felt as if I were living life standing still. Everything […]

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